What We Offer

SMT LLC has been designing and manufacturing critical electromechanical components and subassemblies
for over 30 years.

In addition to manufacturing,
SMT provides a host of complimentary services for a single source solution.

Product Design & Development

SMT has extensive experience in the development of complex assemblies and components.

With a wide range of manufacturing experience, SMT can support customers with their design and development of a complete module or component to meet your specific requirements. Stators, actuators, integrated housings and harnesses are just some of the assemblies that have been successfully implemented by SMT.

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Reverse Engineering

By performing an in depth analysis of existing as well as future potential failure modes, SMT is able to redesign existing products to greatly enhance performance and reliability.

These activities occur with additional emphasis on reducing overall assembly costs for even greater customer benefits.

SMT believes in redesigning components and assemblies that will provide greater value than customers are currently receiving.

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Material Conversions

SMT has helped many customers enjoy the benefits of converting assemblies from metal housings to engineering grade resin materials.
In addition to more favorable material pricing, SMT developed material conversions have the added benefit of consolidating multiple design features into a single manufacturing operation.

This results in a substantial reduction in product costs.

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Emergency Production Services

SMT also specializes in supporting urgent projects. Transfer tooling and even entire assembly cells can be rapidly implemented to maintain critical production requirements.

SMT can repair, refurbish and even build new manufacturing equipment and tooling on an emergency basis.

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Global Coordination

SMT has years of experience working at a global level. SMT can communicate with customers in English, French, German and Spanish.
With extensive international experience, SMT is able to support customers across multiple time zones including logistical product management and technical discussions to ensure a seamless and enjoyable relationship.

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