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Components for All Industries

SMT utilizes state of the art winding equipment to produce a multitude of electromagnetic coils. Precision wound coils can be produced using various wire gauges and materials. Coils can be fully encapsulated if needed.
From resistance welding and heat staking to kitting, SMT offers in house vertically integrated manufacturing solutions. Our focus includes providing customers with complete and scalable products.

With press tonnages ranging up to 330 Tons, SMT can meet most precision molding needs. Insert and overmolding components and assemblies can be provided using filled and non filled engineering grade resins as well as various grades of liquid silicone materials.

SMT can provide a single unit or a complex wire harness. Wire can be processed to include multiple interconnect options and can be customized to meet exacting needs. All products are RoHS Compliant.

Better collaboration means better products.
See how SMT can support your critical assembly needs.