Contract Manufacturing

Dedicated Team of Experts

SMT provides customers with total solutions to meet and exceed demanding product requirements. Discover how SMT can help you meet your goals.


From resistance welding and heat staking to kitting, SMT offers in house vertically integrated manufacturing solutions. Our focus includes providing customers with complete and scalable products. SMT can utilize a diverse range of manufacturing capabilities to provide best in class quality and performance for assemblies and kits.


  • Reduction of complex supply chains
  • Design and development for maximum cost effectiveness
  • Complete program management
  • Superior quality and reliability
  • Integrated supply chain logistics


  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Thermal Staking
  • Resistance Welding
  • Injection Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Liquid Silicone Molding
  • Coil Winding
  • Leak Testing
  • Wire Harness Assembly
  • Automatic and Manual Wire Processing
  • Electrical Testing
  • Custom Product Packaging and Labeling
  • Custom Kitting
  • Form Bending
  • Automated and Manual Assembly
  • Multi-Component Integration